Becoming an adult although is done over the years, sometimes it feels almost spontaneous. One day you wake up and realise you are making the hospital appointments, paying at the mall, paying the bills and you realise “Oh I have grown up”. There are a ton of things people do…

My grandparents belonged to a generation where they did not trust banks and lived with their life earnings in their locker at home. My dad took it one step further and started with a bank account once he started working. Throughout his career span of over 40 years, his savings/…

Being a multi-processor multi-threaded system

I have a habit of over-analysing every part of my life including my being. Adding to other observations people have made, I have realised I am akin multi-processor multi-threaded system.

Multi-processor system
According to wikipedia, “multiprocessor is a computer system having two or more processing units…

These things are keeping me somewhat sane these days.

  1. Books (well..). I am currently reading 4-hour work week and Milk Teeth.
  2. 5 minute meditations
  3. Sporadic writing
  4. Exercise
  5. Having a structure in the day
  6. Sporadic cooking throughout the week
  7. Weekly painting sessions
  8. Tea
  9. Chocolates

What is keeping you sane these days?


Here is how my weekend went.

  1. Discussed an idea with a friend and got validation, ideas to improve and maybe a working partner.
  2. THE best friend called after a long time and I made him laugh.
  3. Video called a friend who I was missing badly during the quarantine life.
  4. Talked…
Paris in a picture — Louvre, Louvre Pyramid and two pairs of newly-weds

Presenting random thoughts I had scribbled during my Paris trip last December.

  1. Madelines are yum.
  2. Sculptors did not like sculpting hands, they preferred bodies and faces.
  3. People restored sculptures with imagination ruining the original artefact with different colored marble and giving wings where they did NOT belong.
  4. People whispering to be inconspicuous is more disturbing than people talking in normal voices.
  5. I did not expect to like her*, but her story and raw beauty has made me fall for her. *Eiffel Tower.
  6. Though, Mona Lisa still sucks.
  7. Ooh, this is where The Holy Grail resides.
  8. I am coming back soon. ❤


I am a software engineer in India. That sentence to many people would be very telling. Let me break it down for you — being a software engineer means I have the flexibility to work from home, which in turn means I never truly log off. My personal phone has…

Vani Sivasankar

I’m a software developer. When not working, I enjoy reading books, writing, and being “productive”. Otherwise, I enjoy dancing, painting and learning.

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